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Margiela: The Hermès Years
価格: 新品 5,752 円/中古 6,579 円/参考価格 7,201 円
Myth and Reality of the Legitimacy Crisis: Explaining Trends and Cross-National Differences in Established Democracies
価格: 新品 -- 円/中古 -- 円/参考価格 -- 円
Theories about the decline of legitimacy or a legitimacy crisis are as old as democracy itself. Yet, representative democracy still exists, and the empirical evidence for a secular decline of politica・・・
Dialysis Access Cases: Practical Solutions to Clinical Challenges
価格: 新品 12,906 円/中古 -- 円/参考価格 13,082 円
Women, Family, and Work: Writings on the Economics of Gender
価格: 新品 16,572 円/中古 15,336 円/参考価格 16,680 円
Protein Kinases as Drug Targets, Volume 49 (Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry)
価格: 新品 -- 円/中古 -- 円/参考価格 -- 円
This timely guide to kinase inhibitor drug development is the first to cover the entire drug pipeline, from target identification to compound development and clinical application. Edited by the pionee・・・
Accurate Clock Pendulums
価格: 新品 -- 円/中古 -- 円/参考価格 -- 円
The Shortt clock, made in the 1920's is the most famous accurate clock pendulum ever known, having an accuracy of one second per year when kept at nearly constant temperature. Almost all of a pendulu・・・
Target Band 7: Ielts Academic Module - How to Maximize Your Score (Japanese Edition)
価格: 新品 2,643 円/中古 2,480 円/参考価格 -- 円
Improving Academic Achievement: Impact of Psychological Factors on Education (Educational Psychology)
価格: 新品 6,183 円/中古 6,260 円/参考価格 14,761 円
Pediatric Colorectal and Pelvic Surgery: Case Studies
価格: 新品 6,539 円/中古 7,709 円/参考価格 8,396 円
Lets Go 4th Edition Level 2 Student Book with Audio CD Pack (Let's Go)
価格: 新品 1,770 円/中古 4,842 円/参考価格 2,602 円

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